Gus G. – Brand New Revolution


The second solo album of Gus has a lot of good songs and the quality can be compared with those on his first album ‘I Am the Fire’ (2014). The big star is of course the man himself. His excellent guitar riffs and solos are first league and he shows that immediately in the only instrumental opening track “The Quest”.

But a good album can’t lean on good guitar-parts and shreds alone. Gus does write good songs and you can hear that he learns from playing with Ozzy. Besides that there is a lot variety in the several tracks. The next step for a good album is a good vocalist and with 4 different singers he succeeded. What to think of Mats Levén on track 9,10 and 12, Jeff Scott Soto on 7 and 11, Elize Ryd on the 5th song and finally Jacob Bunton singing on the rest.

The album is perhaps a tad heavier than the debut album, but that works for me. Besides the leaning towards (power) metal kind of tracks there are more modern tracks like “What Lies Below”, which reminds me a bit of Delain. The song “One More Try” is a track that seems to be written for a Ozzy album. A softer song with vocals in typical Ozzy style. A much heavier song follows, with brilliant vocals of Mats and nice heavy riffing of Gus. That Gus hails from Greece and that he is aware of the problems going on in his country is shown in “Generation G”. A song with lyrics about the Greek youth, emigrating from their country.

Our rating here at the PowerofMetal is on a scale of 0 – 10 devils. I give this album 8 devils, but thats actually a bit too low, but 9 devils would be a bit too much, so you can surplus the 8 devils with a half.


01. The Quest
02. Brand New Revolution
03. Burn
04. We Are One
05. What Lies Below
06. Behind Those Eyes
07. Gone To Stay
08. One More Try
09. Come Hell Or High Water
10. If It Ends Today
11. Generation G.
12. The Demon Inside

Playing time: 44:35

Release date: 24th of July, 2015

Label: Century Media Records


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