Release date: July 28th 2006
VME (Denmark)
Thrash Metal

Rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
 December 30th 2006

This Swiss band have existed for 14 years, and still they haven’t got the general acknowledgement they deserve!

This is real heavy, groovy, pounding thrash, a mix in style in both music and singing between Prong and Machine Head, perfect for headbangin’ and playing air-guitar in a mosh pit (or on the living room floor), what more can an old thrash-fart like me want? 

Like the previous album this is also made in their own studio, and produced, mixed and mastered by main man V.O. Pulver. The production is clear and clean, all instruments stands out. The guitar sound is real thrash: dirty, crunchy and deep, the bass and drums likewise: fat and pounding, and yet clear. You don’t have to hear more than 10 - 20 seconds of a GurD record to recognize the sound. 

The Black Sabbath cover track Children Of The Grave (with vocals by Andre Grieder) is OK, but I actually prefer their own stuff. There’s no actual “fillers” on this album, it’s all genuine thrash-rockers. 

The cover doesn’t need any comments other than “Bang that head that doesn’t bang” – the essence of real thrash. 

With not that many active thrash bands left there’s not much more to say than: thank God for GurD!