Ground Control

Release date: Summer 2006
Label: Negative Records
Provided by: Punishment 18 Records

Style: Thrash

Rating: 82/100
Cover artwork rating: 69/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen

Date: October 7th 2006

You take four Italian guys who are totally dedicated to thrash metal of the late eighties/early nineties and put them behind drums, guitars and a microphone. What do you get? Nothing less than an amalgam of Megadeth/Death Angel and Anthrax in their heyday.  

I’m not at all sure that a 15-year-old kid would appreciate the debut CD from Ground Control the way I do. These Italians thread the fine line between originality and being pure copycats elegantly, although they at times are so eager at paying homage to the old masters that you can recognise a Megadeth riff here and a Death Angel vocal line there. Particularly the opening of a song like Face This Night is so close to Megadeth’s High Speed Dirt that no one is left in doubt which eighties thrash icon has set the agenda. Alession Garavella’s voice, on the other hand, is so frighteningly close to Mark Osegueda’s that you think the man himself must have done some overdubs here and there.  

Ground Control know exactly what thrash metal is all about, and it is a pleasure to listen to the nine own compositions as well as their able (and very appropriately included) version of Anthrax’s Metal Thrashing Mad.

Metal up your arse, Italia!