Grey Wolf – Glorious Death

They say that South American metal fans are a tad more dedicated than European and US fans. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure, but I do appreciate that the Brazilian band Grey Wolf are heavy metal through and through.

‘Glorious Death’, the third album of these metal warriors (the first came out in 2014 – they’re a productive lot!) has such a Manowar attitude. Based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan tales, the universe they describe is, to say it the least, a masculine one. There’s a LOT of steel, power and war on this album, trust me.

Add to that Iron Maiden riffs, a wee bit of Running Wild, a wee bit of Grave Digger, some recorded thunder, and you’re pretty much there. Grave Digger I mention mainly because of vocalist Fabio who does sound a bit similar to Chris Boltendahl, although, it should be said, better than Boltendahl.

Is it good? Yeah, it’s ok. This album will never make it onto my all-time top 50, but it does have it’s qualities on days where you feel hopelessly old school. It’s more compassion and attitude than inventiveness and great technical skills that drives this machinery, that’s for sure.  But enjoyable it is.

1. Wrath of the Gods
2. The Eyes of the Medusa
3. Glorious Death
4. Metal Avenger
5. The Axe Will Rule the Kingdom (King Kull pt 2)
6. The Barbarian
7. Conan the Liberato
8. Warrior
9. Red Sonja
10. Cimmeria

Playing time: 35 minutes

Release date: 18th of June, 2016

Label: Arthorium Records

Website: Grey Wolf @facebook

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