As Rapture Comes

Release date: July 24th 2006
Label: Century Media Records
Provided by:
EMI/Century Media Records
Death Metal

Rating: 88/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 6th 2006

Seventh full-length album from Swedish Death Metal band GRAVE and it’s called “As Rapture Comes”. GRAVE has provided us with first class Death Metal since 1991 and the album “Into the Grave” and they continue to deliver first class Death Metal here on this brand new release.

We get everything that I love about brutal metal music on “As Rapture Comes”; great growling vocals from Ola Lindgren, thunderous rhythms from Fredrik Isaksson (Bass) and Pelle Ekegren (Drums)… and of course devastating Guitar-riffs from Ola Lindgren and Jonas Torndal.

Yes… we get everything from sheer brutality and speed but they also slow down and provides us with heavier than hell riffs that destroys everything in sight. They never seem to run out of killer hooks and just when you think they have settled into a groove they bust out with another insanely head banging riff that blows your mind.

The production is great and the cover art done by Polish artist Jacek Wisnieswki is awesome too. Even the cover of ALICE IN CHAINS’ classic “Them Bones” is good…
A must buy for every Death Metal fan out there.  

Recommended tracks: Take your pick.