Gorilla Monsoon
Damage King

Release date: March 17th 2006
Armageddon Music GmbH
Target (Denmark)
Website: www.gorilla-monsoon.de

Sludge Doom

Rating: 48/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 8th 2006

After 2 demos, “Deflowered World” (2001) and “Demonstrating Heaviness” (2003), Gorilla Monsoon is about to release their debut album called “Damage King”.

The production is alright and the music is very Heavy but except for a few riffs and the last two tracks, the hard rocking “War to the Wimps” “and Heavier than Europe”, I fail to remember any of them, even after numerous listens.

Most of the album is filled with slow Doom guitars, and the singer reminds me a bit of James Hetfield, at times. I love Doom Metal and I’m always open for what the genre has to offer, but sometimes I come across stuff that is just not my cup of tea. This is one of those cases.

It is not entirely bad, but it fails to convince me. The compositions seem lengthy and they don’t deliver too many changes or different sections to avoid repetitiveness.

So if you are into Doom and can’t get enough of it, check this album out. Maybe you’re in for a pleasant surprise. I rather stick with Cathedral.  

Recommended? – Listen... and decide for yourself!