Ginger Wildheart – The Year Of The Fanclub

What a treat this was. I won’t deny an element of nostalgia. Especially with “No One Smiled At Me Today”. Reminds me of crowd surfing at a Wildhearts gig in Cambridge when I was 14. But I think whatever your tastes, you’d be hard pressed as a rock or metal fan not to find something on this album that you could really get in to.

It’s a lot of fun. A good diverse mix of some songs Ginger wrote in 2014 in which he released 3 songs every month. There are some moments that are really grandiose – complete with trumpets and fanfares. The album is very hard hitting – it’s loud, grand, and the overall theme is a very happy one. Everything about this album, shines of ‘feel good’ which after a while, could start to have the opposite effect.

“Could”. It didn’t for me. I loved this album from start to finish. It makes me want to get all my mates together in the pub and blast this out getting hammered and singing along. That might not be the best advert for this album.

A definite but not overly predominant folk theme crops up now and again through most of the album. That’s been well thought out – Ginger has been around for a while and it would surprise me if that wasn’t intended at specific intervals. Especially given that this is a compilation. My only gripe is a somewhat, irrelevant selfish one when listening to ‘If You Find Yourself In London Town”, which paints what I consider to be an unfair picture of my beloved capital.

However this is swiftly forgiven, if it indeed needed forgiving. The puzzlement of the views expressed towards London are very short lived as I listen to my favorite song, both lyrically and musically, “Toxins & Tea”. A cheerful rant about what a lot of people dislike about modern society which for me is single handedly the best purely for the lyric “Fans of Russell Brand,  he couldn’t understand. I think he’s a wanker”. I wholeheartedly concur, Ginger. I prefer the term “monumental twat” but it wouldn’t have fit as nicely.

Ginger is touring the UK and Japan in April. A compilation it may be, but it’s my favorite of 2016 thus far.


1. Down The Dip
2. Honour featuring Courtney Love
3. El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)
4. The Last Day Of Summer
5. Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now
6. The Pendine Incident
7. Do You?
8. If You Find Yourself In London Town
9. Toxins & Tea.
10. No One Smiled At Me Today.
11. Ostracide
12. Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl

Playing Time: 53:44

Release Date: 12/2/16

Label: Round Records


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