V.A. (Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, etc.)
Gigantour Live 2005

Release date: October 2nd 2006
Label: Steamhammer
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Website: www.gigantour.com

Style: Various

Rating: 70/100
Cover artwork rating: 30/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen

Date: October 7th 2006

‘The mother of all shred fests’, Revolver Magazine called this. Yes, I have to agree with that. The level of musicianship on this double CD from Dave Mustaine’s travelling circus is very, very high, and the guitars are indeed the focal point. This does, however, not change the fact that the bands included are quite different and that you might not be particularly fond of one or two of these. I, for one, have always thought the CD openers Dream Theater a tad too contrived musically. I’m not saying that they are not good musicians, I’m just not there. And isn’t that exactly the point of a live CD – that it has to make you feel that you missed out on something?  

Anthrax, on the other hand, I always thought of as stalwarts of heavy music (even though I might not agree with the all too commercial decision of bringing Belladonna back when you have a much more able singer on your hands), and Caught in a Mosh and I Am the Law always hit it home with me.  

Life of Agony have decided to included two new songs, The Day He Died and Love To Let You Down, two of the better tracks off the for the most part disappointing ‘Broken Valley’. By the sound of it, LOA sound as if they are there to tear it up, especially with Love To Let You Down, and for an old fan, this is great to hear.  

Dry Kill Logic are one of the young American bands that I missed out on entirely, and the two tracks included here don’t exactly make me feel that I have to regret that, albeit they sound solid and energetic.  

Bobaflex sound a trifle more interesting with their slightly schizophrenic style, but it’s still hard to get into a band on the basis of a live recording.  

Disc two opens with Master Mustaine himself. The convincing renderings of She-Wolf, A Tout Le Monde and Kick the Chair really do make you regret that you weren’t there, thus creating the first real highlight of the compilation. Mustaine sounds fuelled and better at voice than ever, something that raises the bar for a Megadeth performance considerably.  

Just like Life Of Agony, Fear Factory have chosen to let us hear two of their newer, post-Dino songs. Transgression and Archetype are not ‘Demanufacture’/’Obsolute’ quality, but they are both decent Fear Factory tracks and are delivered in a time before Burton Bell’s voice started to cave in. I could see myself jump up and down in front of the stage there as well.  

Nevermore becomes another highlight of this release with the über-tracks Born and Enemies of Reality. That band is just a powerhouse of modern thrash metal.  

To finish off, we get Symphony X, another band I’ve never been able to agree with. Again, you cannot accuse them of bad musicianship, their high-pitched prog-thrash just ain’t my bitch.  

I only feel I missed out on four of the shows we get snippets from on this double CD, and I find it hard to justify a buy (of the CD or the DVD), although I like the idea of different styles of heavy music on one release. As a whole I find the concept original and fine, but when it comes down to the bands included, it’s just too difficult to make everyone happy.