Gary John Barden
The Agony and Xtasy

Release date: April 14th 2006
Label: Escapi Music
Distribution: Zink / Bonnier Amigo

Melodic Rock

Rating: 82/100
Cover artwork rating: 74/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 23rd 2006

Gary Barden is a well known voice in British Hard Rock and has worked with artists like, MSG, Praying Mantis, Company Of Snakes, Statetrooper and his own band Silver.

This is his second solo album and to give you an idea what it sounds like, just think, Silver and Whitesnake. 10 songs with 8 of them being first class Melodic Hard Rock songs that could please every intelligent Rock fan out there. 2 of the songs are too Bluesy for me. I can’t stand Blues.

Even though my heart belongs to hard rocking, Hard Rock and Metal, sometimes a Melodic Rock album pops up and brings a smile to my face. This album by Gary John Barden called “Xtasy” is such an album.

This release needed maybe 5 to 6 spins in my CD-player before I was hooked, but slowly it began to blossom and now I can’t get songs like, “Hot Daze”, “Arise” and “Let Me Down” out of my head.

The vocal of Gary Jon Barden fits the music perfect and artists such as, Michael Schenker, Tommy Denander and Steve Morris contributes to this fine Rock album as well.

This album comes with a good production that lets all instruments shine at the same level. Definitely a recommended album for most rock fans out there.