Game Over – Crimes Against Reality

Regular readers know that I am a real thrash metal fan. I breathe thrash, sleep thrash, eat thrash and listen to thrash with a lot of pleasure. Many many bands copy the early eighties thrash bands (the big 4) and recycle riff after riff just playing them in a different order. Add an aggressive vocalist, add some gang shoutings, double bass drums and a few melodic guitar solos ….ready! One thing is guaranteed, it all sounds great and a thrash fan like me will like a lot of these albums, just because I am a thrash fan! Most of the times I will give a band 7 or 8 devils for that effort. Almost never they can compete with the founders of the style, which is probably an utopia anyway. Another thing about thrash is that it has to sound a bit dirty, very aggressive and very raw, otherwise it can not deserve the name thrash. Perhaps a name like garbage would be better in place there.

Italian band Game Over is a thrash band which does almost everything right, they talk the talk and walk the walk. The riffs hop and jump, the solos howl and have the right melody, the singer has the typical thrash sound and the gang shouts come in at the right moment. Besides that there also are some slight punk/hardcore elements in their style.  I just miss one thing here: the aggression, the real thrash bite! The production is too neat and too clean, too perfect for a thrash band (can a production be too good?) Also there are no tracks that really stick out above the rest of the material.

That doesn’t make this a bad album, just not one that will really catch the eye I think, with so many other good thrash albums already released and close to release. Fans of NWOTB like Municipal Waste and fans of Game Over will sure like this, so don’t hesitate to check them out.


01. What Lies Within…
02. 33 Park Street
03. Neon Maniacs
04. With All That is Left
05. Astral Matter
06. Fugue In D Minor
07. Just A Little Victory
08. Gates If Ishtar
09. Crimes Against Reality
10. Fix Your Brain

Playing time: 42:00

Release date: 15 April 2016

Label: Scarlet Records


Reinier de Vries
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