Frozen Sand – Fractals: A Shadow Out Of lights

A progressive piece from Italy with a concept story. Well, I personally have nothing with concept stories. What counts for me is the music, although I can imagine that writing a good story makes it more interesting for the musicians. Several times I listened to the music from start to finish, but it did never grab me. How come, well therefore the progressive metal is too average. Progressive also means that you try new things, that you make progression. Perhaps the band self made progression if you compare their music with their demos, but in the world that is called progressive music, I hear nothing new.

I hear the enhusiasm, I hear their skills, I hear emotions, but that’s about it. The first instrumental I skip, because that bores. The first real song opens promising, but the accent of the singer irritates me a bit and he just isn’t a real great vocalist. The softer passage with a nice bass line is o.k., but as they start to sing in Italian, they loose me. For me the album isn’t special enough, perhaps it is interesting for Italian progressive metal fans, just because of the Italian singing parts, but compared to the lot of progressive bands, Frozen Sand fails to attract my attention.



01. A Melody Through Time and Space
02. Perfect Inspiration
03. Everlasting Yearning
04. Sail Towards the Unknown
05. Yell Of Hesitation
06. Rule This World
07. You – Partial – Perfection – Daylight
08. Silent Raven


Playing time: 47:00

Release date: 19 January 2017

Label: Independent


Reinier de Vries
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