Release date: April 27th 2006
Label: AOR Heaven
Provided by:
Germusica Promotion

Hard Rock

Rating: 70/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 14th 2006

German band Frontline is about to release “Circles”, the successor to “The Seventh Sign” (2004) which received good reviews around the world.

Produced by Robby Böbel (Evidence One) the band continues where they had stopped with their previous record. Namely with Melodic Hard Rock.

Even though the music is Melodic the guitars are crunchy and the songs are okay. However, even after numerous listens the songs are “only” okay.

To be honest, I miss a few highlights. The 10 songs are on exactly the same level. Anyway, the music is crafty Hard Rock, with nice crunching guitars and even though it's nothing special, it's still slightly above average. But it loses quite some creative power over the whole playing time.

Through the AOR Heaven mail-order, a limited edition of 1000 copies of this release will be available containing the rare Japan only release “Heroes” as free bonus disc.