Freedom Call – Master Of Light

2016 seems to be a promising year for Power Metal all over the world; so far we have recent releases from SONATA ARCTICA, AVANTASIA and SABATON. So it’s more than likely that FREEDOM CALL’s recent release ‘Master Of Light’ will be joining this list of epic sounding albums.

First thing to say about the album and FREEDOM CALL is that a sense of humour and an open mind is definitely required; especially when the opening track ‘Metal Is For Everyone’. It can be imagined that the lyrics “Metal is for everyone; the sound is made from steel” will go down extremely well with audiences; whether they are listening to it on recording or experiencing it live.

This album is a portfolio of sweeping melodies and memorable choruses that will be swimming around in your mind for hours. These grand melodies consist of grand guitar riffs, majestic vocal work and thunderous beats. You can hear great examples of this in tracks such as ‘Emerald Skies’, ‘Rock The Nation’ and ‘Masters Of Light’.

Particular highlights included graceful ballad ‘Cradle of Angels’, which could remind one of what would happen if BLIND GUARDIAN and LED ZEPPELIN did a duet. This particular track has hints of the LED ZEPPELIN classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Second track ‘Hammer Of Gods’ has a fast paced beat and a grand chorus that will easily go down well at stadiums and large arenas. The beginning of ‘Hail The Legend’ is a highlight alone, it sets the listener up for this brilliant belter of a track that contains a catchy chorus and an infectious beat.

This Party Metal album ends on a party high with the tune ‘High Up’, it’s the feel good track that keeps the post party sprits high. With this album, the party will never end.


01. Metal Is For Everyone

02. Hammer Of Gods

03. A World Beyond

04.Masters Of Light

05. Kings Rise And Fall

06. Cradle Of Angels

07. Emerald Skies

08. Hail The Legend

09. Ghost Ballet

10. Rock The Nation

11. Riders In The Sky

12. High Up

Playing Time:  49:44

Release Date:  11th November 2016

Record Label:  Steamhammer Records

Website: Freedom Call Official Website

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