For Today – Wake

Although, arguably, few metalcore bands manage to keep the genre alive with convincing efforts, Iowa’s For Today is an exception from that rule. ‘Wake’ is indeed a potent release with lots of the typical metalcore energy as well as, importantly, atmosphere in abundance.

The key word is diversity. The metalcore bands who focus on brutality, brutality and then a bit more brutality don’t really cut it in my universe. There has to be more than that. There has to be some sign of intelligence.

I’m not saying that I want pop, but, yes, I don’t mind a clean vocal here or a catchy refrain there. For Today combine both dumb-arse-brutal breakdowns and clean vocal catchiness right from the outset with opener “No Truth, No Sacrifice”. There is also a touch of the doodling, shrill guitar work, which I can best characterise as being typical for Djent bands, something which gives the album a more modern touch and adds to the diversity as well as the at times haunting insistence on capturing your attention.

In sum: Although clearly hanging on to the metalcore tag, For Today have accomplished to create an album that effectively bridges vulnerable melody with brutality. All in all a great album!


01. No Truth, No Sacrifice
02. Broken Lens
03. Forced Into Fire
04. Deserter
05. Bitter Roots
06. Wasteland
07. Hopeless Ambition
08. Determination
09. Flooded Earth
10. Time And Tide

Playing time: 37 minutes

Release date: 2nd of October, 2015

Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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