Fleshless – Devoured Beyond Recognition

Fleshless - Devoured Beyond Recognition
Even if there are thousands of bands in this world, I can’t help feeling that I should have at least heard of or seen the name of a death metal band that has been around since 1993 and has released eight full-length albums. Nevertheless, Czech Fleshless have miraculously avoided my attention entirely.

The four-piece come from grindcore origins, but have along the way shifted over to focus on death metal/gore. See the cover – sort of a hint of themes macabre. Not that you can tell exactly what the lyrics are about of course –  Vladimir’s vocals are as guttural as Dave Ingram’s and slightly less clearly pronounced.

Fleshless weren’t put in this world to create revolutions. There is nothing new here, just dark brutality, excellent execution and neck-breaking music played by a bunch of guys who’ve been around long enough to do that exactly the way it’s supposed to be done without necessarily being in the premier league of death metal.


Track list:
1. Intro
2. Dead Never Dies
3. Epitome of Malefice
4. Mankind Fall
5. Descend into the Depths
6. Deviant Sanctity
7. Noise Pt.4
8. Spirit Deformed
9. Human Insect
10. Mind Eclipse
11. Divine Ruination
12. Devoured Beyond Recognition
13. Outro

Playing time: 34 minutes

Release date: 15th of May, 2015

Label: Metal Age Productions

Website: www.fleshless.xf.cz

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