Release date: July 24th 2006
Label: Century Media Records
Provided by:
EMI/Century Media Records

Power Metal

Rating: 90/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 7th 2006

Melodic metallers FIREWIND are back with revamped line-up featuring Gus G. (Guitars), Mark Cross (Drums), Petros Christo (Bass), Bob Katsionis (Keyboards) and Apollo Papathanasio (Vocals) and a great album called “Allegiance”.

I’m only familiar with their debut album “Between Heaven and Hell” from 2002, which I find very good, but I have to check out “Burning Earth” (2003) and “Forged By Fire” (2005), that’s for sure, because this brand new release hits me just where it hurts.

We get up tempo, mid tempo and very Melodic Metal with catchy riffs and catchy choruses here on “Allegiance” that could satisfy every fan of this genre. Sure, this is typical Power Metal with nothing new being added, but the guys put a certain touch to it that makes it ROCK! Every time I throw this album in my CD-player I just have to crank up the volume and bang my head while singing along to the catchy tracks there is to be found on this hammer album.

The very talented singer Apollo Papathanasio fits the music perfect and everything is packed with power in every note but they still keep the memorable effect very high. I get the feeling that I have heard every song before but I don’t give a F**k!!! This album just makes me feel good.

The musicians know what they are doing, be sure about that and the production is awesome. This album is among the best that I had rotating in my CD-player lately, so if you are into Melodic Metal and Power Metal do check it out when it hit the stores.  

Recommended tracks: Don’t know where to start…