Firewind – Immortals

Gus G. and Firewind is a long serving member of the European Power Metal scene, and after a five year hiatus they’ve returned with a new album “Immortals”. And on this conceptual album they take on the Persian Wars and The Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis lyrically.

If you replace one great vocalist with another, there a good chance that it works out well… and the change in the vocal department with Henning Besse taking over the reigns from Apollo Papathanasio works very well. Henning Besse delivers another strong performance on “Immortals”.

But star of the show is as always Gus G. and his equilibrism on his guitars; a true master of his trade. He delivers one great riff and lead after another and fans of his won’t be disappointed in any way.

“Immortals” is a solid power metal album with all the ingredients necessary to please fans of Firewind. But even after numerous spins it still leaves me a little underwhelmed because no song makes me want to crank up the volume and listen to it over and over… it’s all well written, produced and executed. But it never reaches the higher stratosphere.

Best moments: “Ode to Leonidas”, “Live and Die by the Sword” and “Rise from the Ashes”.


  1. Hands of Time (4:51)
  2. We Defy (3:54)
  3. Ode to Leonidas (6:01)
  4. Back on the Throne (4:05)
  5. Live and Die by the Sword (6:14)
  6. Wars of Ages (4:07)
  7. Lady of 1000 Sorrows (4:44)
  8. Immortals (1:57)
  9. Warriors and Saints (4:11)
  10. Rise from the Ashes (4:32)

Playing Time: 44:22

Release date: January 20, 2017

Label: AFM Records


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