Faith and Fire

Release date: January 19th 2007
Metal Heaven
Provided by:
Heavy Metal

Rating: 65/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November 25th 2006

Current Riot guitarist Mike Flyntz and former Riot vocalist Tony Moore, who was a big part of my favorite Riot era with albums like 'Thundersteel' and 'The Privilege of Power', has joined up once more in their own little project called Faith and Fire, completing the band is John Miceli (drums, Meat Loaf) and Danny Miranda (bass, Queen & Paul Rodgers).

Sonically this is only decent - the production could've been a lot better. But there are positive aspects on the album; Mike Flyntz is a very talented guitarist and I still rate Tony Moore as my favorite Riot vocalist of all time, and he justifies it on this collection of metal tunes once more... The rhythm section is rock solid and overall the technical level is very high, I wish I could say the same about the songs...

This album opens with one the best songs on the album "Ready", but only a few songs more like the neo-classical inspired "Ashes" makes me stop and take notice, they really need to push the accelerator more and push the pedal to metal and rock hard...This album is simply not powerful enough, and most of the songs are missing that special something that makes music worth listening to over and over...

It's not an awful album, but it's sadly nothing more than acceptable either. But I think it's cool to hear Tony and Mike back together again, and songs like the above mentioned, "Breathe", "Fallen" and "America" do rock pretty hard, and the album does win a little with each spin in my CD-player.