Exumer – The Raging Tides

A band with a big cult status because of their releases in the eigthies is this German Exumer. Which thrash fan doesn’t know their cult album ‘Possessed By Fire’? Back then the band didn’t get the same response as the biggest German three and probably they will not get the same success this time.

That is not because of the music! I must admit that their thrash can compete with Destruction, Kreator and Sodom for sure. I did this review just after listening to the new Lost Society release and for some reason I like this one better. Both bands sound a lot like Exodus and both bands are not very original, using many recognizable riffs. The songs of Exumer just stick better and have a certain contagious groove. Also the voice of Mem von Stein sounds more interesting to me. The lyrics are very up to date, with human suffering as theme. Being an old school thrash lover, this is just an album for me, but I think some people will put some question marks by this release.

Does the world need a German band sounding for more than 70% like Exodus completed with Slayer and Destruction influences? I can’t answer that, but what I do know is that this is just a hell of a thrash album.


01. The Raging Tides
02. Brand of Evil
03. Catatonic
04. Sacred Defense
05. Welcome to Hellfire
06. Sinister Souls
07. Shadow Walker
08. There Will Always be Blood
09. Dark Reflections
10. Death Factory


Playing time: 35:00

Release date: 29 January 2016

Label: Metal Blade Records

Website: www.exumer.de

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