Extrema – The Seed Of Foolishness

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Although this album was released back in 2013, it’s only now that we have had an opportunity to review it. Besides, the imminence of a new release from the band perhaps makes this review all the more auspicious.

“The Seed…” possesses the DNA of thrash metal and, sure enough, the music sounds quite tight and intense. Extrema vocalist GL Perotti comes across as a bad-tempered Phil Anselmo and in fact the album gives more than a nod to Pantera (actually not a good thing in my book). A proclivity for melodic refrains provides a personal take on the genre. I don’t know Extrema that well to state how deeply rooted this approach is. But what I do know is that these melodies sometimes disrupt the momentum crafted by several crushing riffs and a rock solid rhythm department.

Acoustic guitars further explore the melodic affections of these Italians. ‘Bones’, for example, felt like a sort of Soundgarden/Pantera hybrid. In an acoustic version of ‘A Moment Of Truth’ the band even sounds like a Metal version of The Beatles (a very good thing in my book).

Lyrically the “The Seed…” offers two middle fingers to authority and the ruling class, an attitude that seems entrenched in the music itself.

As songs like ‘Deep Infection’ demonstrate, Extrema’s music can sound heavy and exciting. Despite that, there are very few songs that linger on in mind after the disc has stopped spinning. I think this is a band at its best when performing live and I eagerly await to see if their forthcoming release will immortalise this ‘live’ vibe.


  1. Between The Lines
  2. The Politics
  3. Pyre Of Fire
  4. The Distance
  5. Ending Prophecies
  6. Bones
  7. Again And Again
  8. Deep Infection
  9. Sick And Tired
  10. A Moment Of Truth
  11. A Moment Of Truth

Playing time: 54:05

Label: Fuel Records

Website: www.extremateam.com

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