Release date: September 30th 2006
Label: Ulterium Records
Provided by:
Ulterium Records
Website: www.evergrace.se

Melodic Metal

Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: September 25th 2006

Well… this band is surely a pleasant surprise…catchy… melodic… crunchy…
Okay let’s take it from the start and I can do this very short. This album rocks, boys and

What we have here is a Swedish band formed in early 2006 and this is their debut album simply called “Evergrace”. Who hears this name most probably first thinks about Progressive Metal or Modern Metal or something like that. But in this case we are talking crunchy, yet melodic metal. To me Evergrace is a mix between bands like Tad Morose and Nocturnal Rites.

Melodic Metal it is what the band offers us here, but don’t worry… the guitars are heavy and crunchy at the same time. I was almost hooked immediately… and after 2-3 spins in my CD-player I was convinced that this band could make it out there.

The opener "The Escape”" already sets out in fashion, with crunchy guitars, straight rhythm, and a catchy and memorable chorus setting the pace right away. Evergrace continues to deliver the goods and we get 10 songs of first class Melodic Metal and as mentioned above; - Style and sound wise I find them somewhere between Tad Morose and Nocturnal Rites.

If you feel some appeal to the given style description, than I can absolutely recommend this debut album from this Swedish band called Evergrace without reservations. This album comes with a crystal clear production by executive producer Emil Westerdahl and the cover artwork is done by the very talented Mattias Norén.

- No more words needed!