Secret Society

Release date: October 27th 2006
T&T (Sanctuary)
Distribution: Target (Denmark)

Modern Hard Rock

Rating: 40/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
The Jack
September 24th 2006

Hard one! I’m really not that old but I sure do remember when ”The Final Countdown” razed the airwaves of the 80s…One of my favorite tracks back then as a child and…Well, it’s still one of my faves, cheesy or not! :-)  

I’ve laughed, cried, screamed, cheered and partied together with Europe’s albums since I don’t know when…Truly ”top-of-the-tops” between 80s icons!  

When they announced their comeback with ”Start From the Dark” I was prepared to be rocked thoroughly again…I instantly bought tickets to see them at Sweden Rock Festival, even before I’d heard the album….This band just couldn’t fail me!! Well, sadly they did!  

To make a long story short, I really never learned to see the qualities of their new style… And that leads me to this, their new release called ”Secret Society”.  

I don’t really wanna sound too harsh, but this is NOT Europe!! 

Immediately my inner ear went in the direction of modern D:A:D material when I put on this disc!!  

What the F**k???  

Well, good production and well-played material all the way, no doubt! But where’s that immaculate Europe sound?? Where’s the sing-along chorus? The very trademark of Europe? 

They’ve tuned their guitars down, added voice distortion and gone for that wannebe-famous-on-MTV-in-2006-sound….It sounds reminiscent of what BON JOVI, just to name one, could put out here in 2006…A poor attempt to captivate their old fans….  

As I said, this is not a bad album…Not at all, but it just ain’t Europe either!  

If you dig their heyday material avoid this album…It’s sad but also very, very true….

These boys have played their last chords here on my stereo….