Essence of Sorrow
Reflections of the Obscure

Release date: January 10th 2007
Rivel Records
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Progressive Power Metal

Rating: 82/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November 30th 2006

Just like 2006 was kicked off with the release of a very good Scandinavian Progressive Power Metal album - namely the second album from Tears of Anger - I promise you, so will 2007!

And why do I bring up Tears of Anger? Well, because Essence of Sorrow do have a lot in common with them; dark, atmospheric, progressive metal songs delivered in convincing style!

Essence of Sorrow is the child of Jani Stefanovic, who has written the entire lot and plays most of the instruments himself - the project has since turned into a full band effort. Throughout the entire album the band keeps a very high technical level, which manifests itself in some brilliant guitars vs. keyboards duels, a very good vocalist, in this case Christian Palin & Mats Leven sharing the duties and a very tight rhythm section.

The sound is very good, even though the album has been recorded in various studios in Sweden and Finland, the album was mixed and mastered by Carl Johan Grimmark. The basic feel stays the same for the first 39 minutes - dark and atmospheric, never melancholic metal before things change a bit with the last song: "Come Serenity" - a 3 minutes instrumental, which is more in the vein of a Petrucci/Moore instrumental, but still a good song.

So I recommend y'all to check this album out, because Essence of Sorrow is kicking 2007 off with a good album!