Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

The release of ‘Back to the Front’ in 2014 was a bit of a relief, to be honest. Although ‘A.D.’ had been added to the Entombed moniker, it was clearly this new constellation of the band that would finally pick up where the old line-up had left off. To be honest, that old line-up kind of left off around 1998. Although there was decent material on the releases since then, the steam wasn’t quite held up after the ground-breaking and genre-defining releases that poured out of the Swedes between 1990 and 1997.

After all the hassle and bickering between the band members, it turned out that L-G Petrov and the other ex-Entombed band members Elgstrand, Brandt and Dahlstedt would be the ones to carry on the torch and re-energise the band’s characteristic sound and style.

The new album, ‘Dead Dawn’, is a continuation of its predecessor and, thankfully, with no less energy and passion.

The songs still have a punk and rocking edge, but also the characteristic sound that was developed during the ‘Wolverine Blues’ phase. In that sense, you can easily claim that there isn’t much new under the sun here. You’re right, there isn’t. And there aren’t major surprises on the album either. The songs are more than often structured in the same way throughout the album, and the Entombed guitar sound is…well, the Entombed guitar sound!

Anyway, what Entombed A.D. do is so infinitely solid and they are completely grounded in their style, a style which they initially defined. What can I say, I just like what they do – and now they do it with real conviction again. Hooray for that.



01. Midas In Reverse
02. Dead Dawn
03. Down To Mars To Ride
04. As The World Fell
05. Total Death
06. The Winner Has Lost
07. Silent Assassin
08. Hubris Fall
09. Black Survival
10. Not What It Seems

Playing time: 40 minutes

Release date: 26th of February, 2016

Label: Century Media

Website: www.facebook.com/entombedAD

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