Thörbjorn Englund

Release date: May 19th 2006
Label: Lion Music
Provided by: Lion Music

Style: Instrumental guitar virtuosity

Rating: 87/100
Cover artwork rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen

Date: May 27th 2006

For lovers of Satriani and Malmsteen this album is not the worst buy. Winterlong guitarist  Englund has been listening to many styles of shredding and seems to rest comfortably in most of them.  

It is always a matter of temper and mood if you can handle instrumental albums, but if you’re in that particular mood, Englund makes his strings sing plenty. There’s a lot of expression and progressive attitude in the 16 tracks on this his first solo effort.  

The styles incorporated range from the before-mentioned guitar heroes to blues, Pantera and flamenco… The Swede clearly has an ear for a good melody (as well as love for old TV-game soundtracks; he covered three of them on the album!) and makes everything float in a way that is not too demanding on the listener. Even the flamenco piece is digestible.  

This is great music to work to – take it from a man who’s in the middle of building his own house :]