Sinner's Intuition

Release date: August 28th 2006
Crash Records

Distribution: TMC Nordic

Website: www.enforsaken.com
Death Metal

Rating: 67/100
Cover artwork:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
November 30th 2006

Death/Thrash band Enforsaken have decided to call it a day after 8 years and sadly I won’t miss them that much. Not that I totally dislike their latest and last release “Sinner’s Intuition”, no, no, but we only get 8 tracks and only 3 of them are memorable in my opinion, the rest of the songs are not above average in my humble opinion.

They are angry and aggressive but I must admit that the first 4 tracks go in one ear and out the other and although the riffs are brutal sounding enough, I miss something. It’s strange… because I like to listen to the first 4 tracks but when we get to track 5, the great “Enemy Angle” I simply can’t remember the first 4 tracks at all??

They improve a lot when we get to the above mentioned track 5 “Enemy Angel”. Everything seem to fit; The drumming, the guitar-riffs, and the chorus. Suddenly they go almost Viking-Metal here, but this track rules. More of that please. And we get more… they continue to impress me with the next two tracks; “Sever the Ties” and “Words in Red”. With awesome riffs and awesome and “catchy” choruses they show their true potential. Any extreme Metal enthusiast will be overjoyed and they sure keep the listener captivated.

“Sinner’s Intuition” ends with “The Course to Oblivion”… and sadly I find this track a tad boring, however the guitar solo is great.

So, I’m caught somewhere between heaven and hell here, but do check it out if you’re into real Metal music. 

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