Torben Enevoldsen
Flying Solo

Release date: May 20th 2005
Lion Music
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Lion Music

Instrumental Rock

Rating: 75/100
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Peter Laursen
January 26th 2006

Third solo album from Danish shredder Torben Enevoldsen. The first two is "Guitarisma" (1998) and "Heavy Persuasion" (2000).

I’m not familiar with the first two albums so I can’t compare them to “Flying Solo” but to me this is in the same vein as a Joe Satriani album.

At first I was very disappointed with this album but I gave it another spin in my CD-player… and then another… and after about 6-7 spins the music began to grow on me. I have this feeling that instrumental albums are mostly written for musicians than for "normal" listeners but “Flying Solo” is a nice exception… …at least to me.

This release is filled with beautiful melodies that reveal it selves after 6-7 listens (in my opinion). His guitar work is top notch and even if some of his soli sound very much the same he is not losing himself in endless frills and solo-passages. Of course many won't be able to get into a pure instrumental album, but if you need a break from the hard hitting Metal and just need to relax for a while, put this album on and enjoy the melodies there is to be found here.

To pick out single tracks does not really work as they are all quite good, also because they are relatively close together style wise. So if you like instrumental albums maybe you should check this Danish guitarist out?