Elyose – Ipso Facto

Elyose - Ipso Facto


‘Style confusion’ was one of the first terms that sprang to my mind when received this CD in the mail and listened to it. Judging from the cover, I was inclined to believe that I’d be listening to an eighties inspired soft rock album.  This turned out not the be the case. ‘Ipso Facto’ is more like an up-beat modern metal with electro and even dance elements. On top of that, you put the strong vocal of Justine Daaé. Fans of Nightwish and Serenia will immediately reckonise things they like here.

Elyose, who apart from Daaé consists of bassist Ghislain Henry and guitarist Marc De Lajoncquiére, have delivered a solid product, which is potentially a promise of great things to come. However, the French troupé aren’t quite there yet.

It’s not so much the style confusion that makes me say that – diversity is good. It’s more the fact that bits and pieces, especially the track Femme De Verre, more than anything remind me of the Japanese misunderstanding Babymetal. This is of course the music I speak of, not the vocals. Although…the use of harmoniser on Daaé’s vocal seems to me at least out of place. Although it’s limited, it’s noteworthy.

Also, I know it’s very commonly used and probably tempting to do, but the beauty and beast concept doesn’t always work. Arkan shouter Florent Jannier’s growl in Plus qu’Humain doesn’t work with the song, and basically kills it. The situation is not at all so bad with the rest of the songs, but it’s still hard for me to point out the one or two songs that sweep you away entirely.

Production wise, everything is fine. Again, a good and solid sound, it’s all nice, heavy and, well, yeah, modern sounding.

In summary, an album which more than anything displays executional talent rather than great songs. The most noticable thing being Justine Daaé’s vocal – I believe she can do just about anything with that voice of hers.

01. Fragrances
02. Femme De Verre
03. De Guerre Lasse
04. L’Animal-aimé
05. Plus qu’Humain (feat. Florent Jannier)
06. Chronocide
07. Mon Charme
08. Rédemption
09. Pour Un Écu
10. Droit Dans Les Yeux
11. Contretemps

Playing time: 47 minutes

Label: None

Website: www.elyose.com

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