Release date: November 27th 2006
Napalm Records
Target (Denmark)
Website: www.elis.li

Gothic Metal

Rating: 80/100
Cover artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: November 19th 2006

Brand new album form Lichtenstein based band ELIS and a very pleasant surprise in my opinion. However I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I received this promo-CD… first of all because I wasn’t familiar with the music of ELIS. And Gothic Rock and Gothic Metal isn’t usually my cup of tea… but this release entitled “Griefshire” took me by surprise.

The music reminds me of bands like Leaves' Eyes and Sengir and so do the beautiful vocals from Sabine Dünser. Well, to be honest I was a little disappointed at first but it manages to earn the listeners ear after a couple of spins and now numerous listens later I really like this album a lot.

The songs are catchy and memorable and Sabine’s voice rules. The musicianship is great too and the production is top-notch. So what, many will say, this isn't anything we haven't heard dozens of time before, but if you’re into Gothic Metal with female vocals I really think you should check this band and this album out.

Last I have some bad news. After Sabine Dünser had finished her vocal tracks she passed away after suffering a cerebral haemorrhage at the early age of 29. Let me express my condolence to her family & friends. Rest in peace, Sabine.