Elegacy – The Binding Sequence


Elegacy is a prog-power metal band/project formed by Constantin Terzago (keyboards) and Massimo La Russa (guitars). After their first album ‘Impressions’ in 2005, things were put on a hold, but they continued writing new songs. In 2011, new hope for a next album came to life when they contacted Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) and Mike Lepond (Symphony X). Both were excited about the material and joined the project by contributing to the entire rhytmn section. In Ivan Giannini (Derdian) they found the perfect singer to complete the album. The mastering of the album was completed in 2014 and now the album is released.

With musicians like Mark and Mike, a good singer and some fine written songs, this new album is a fine one for every progressive metal fan. The technically skilled musicians deliver some nice melodies based on good keyboard lines and Ivan’s voice completes it. A perfect example and one of the heavier tracks is “The Dragon’s Age”, where heavy riffs go hand in hand with a fine keyboard line. Sometimes rather heavy riffs carry the song, but also some fine jazzy piano parts show up. The song “The Imperfect Miracle Of Life” has both, changing from heavy into softer parts very naturally. The softer parts remind of Fates Warning, some more heavier stuff will be appreciated by Symphony X and also the ghost of Dream Theater shows its face at times.

Opener “April Sun” is a mix of all three and the soft first part of “Autumn In Berlin’ sounds a lot like DT, halfway the track speeds up and then Symphony X influences appear. What I like about the music is that there are certainly very recognizable elements, but the band never sounds like a copy of one of the bands. In a certain way, they succeed in staying rather original. That makes it that you immediately like the music without getting bored after a few songs.

A job well done and stuff for all progressive (metal) fans.


01. April Sun
02. Autumn In Berlin
03. Cursed
04. Motion
05. Street Race
06. The Dark Tower
07. The Dragon’s Age
08. The Imperfect Miracle Of Life
09. The Other Me
10. When Night Comes Down

Playing time: 53:00

Release date: 9 October, 2015

Label: Valery Records

Website: www.facebook.com/elegacyband

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