Release date: May 26th 2006
Label: Limb Music Products
Target (Denmark)
Website: www.eldritchweb.com

Progressive Metal

Rating: 68/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 25th 2006

Eldritch was formed in 1991when vocalist Terence Holler and guitar player/songwriter Eugene Simone and drummer Adriano Dal Canto established Eldritch from the remainders of their former band ZEUS - and the history of this Italian Progressive Metal band began.

Limb Music Products has decided to re-release the innovative 1997 release "Headquake" remastered with 4 bonus tracks. "Headquake" is the album, which ELDRITCH succeeded with in terms of international break-through, and is in my humble opinion a tad better than their debut “Seeds of Rage” from 1995.

I had the same problem with "Headquake" as I had with their debut album, namely that this album needs about 6-7 spins in my CD-player to grow. Eventually this album began to open up to me… and now I think it’s an acceptable release.

We get 15 tracks of pure Progressive Metal… mid tempo… up tempo… intricate guitar and keyboard interplay but they don't lose the fans interest by being too complicated to be show offs.

My favourite tracks are “Ghoulish Gift”, “Salome’s Dance”, “Erase”, and “Clockwork Bed”. In my opinion, songs like that can compete with the best Progressive Metal bands out there.

We have a few songs that are not above average and at times some of the songs can be quite bewildering and to those without a touch of patience maybe just a bit to out there.

This album could be a must for Eldritch fans… the rest of you should properly take a listen before you buy.  

Recommended tracks: See above.