The Parallel Otherworld

Release date: June 16th 2006
Label: Escapi Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)

Heavy / Power Metal

Rating: 99/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: June 29th 2006

Eidolon dates back to 1993 when Glen and Shawn Drover made the decision to start up a recording studio, a couple of demos was released in 1994/1995, their 1996 “Zero Hour” debut was self-produced and self-released, the band members were Glen Drover (Guitar), Shawn Drover (Drums), Brian Soulard (Vocals), Criss Bailey (Bass) and Slav Simanic (Guitar). Before the release of “Seven Spirits” in 1997 Slav Simanic left the band, and shortly after the record was released Criss Bailey was replaced by Adrian Robichaud.

Eidolon was signed to Metal Blade before their 2000 release “Nightmare World”. The year after “Hallowed Apparition” was released and they played the Bang Your Head festival in Germany with Judas Priest, Megadeth, and Stratovarius etc. Long time vocalist Brian Soulard left the band upon the return from Germany due to musical reasons; he was replaced by Pat Mulock.

With the release of “Coma Nation” in 2002, it wasn’t long before Eidolon started writing for their follow up release, “Apostles of Defiance”, which was released in 2003. An album called “Sacred Shrine” was also released in 2003 by Perris Records; the album features the two demos from 1994/1995.

The band traveled to Germany once again this time to play on the Wacken Festival alongside Twisted Sister, Slayer, Annihilator etc. Once again returning from Germany Eidolon parted ways with their singer.

In 2004 Glen and Shawn Drover joined Megadeth and Eidolon was put on hold until now. The new album “The Parallel Otherworld” features Niels K. Rue from Pagans Mind on vocals and man does he deliver the goods? Hell yeah!! Niels is the perfect singer for Eidolon.

“The Parallel Otherworld” is a more diverse offering than the previous albums from Eidolon, the eleven and a half minute title track “The Parallel Otherworld” gives a good picture of the rest of the album, a great mixture of old Fates Warning meets Nevermore meets Mercyful Fate from acoustic guitars to total riff frenzy.

And the album just continues from one neck breaker to the next, wow! This is a serious candidate for album of the year. “The Parallel Otherworld” ends with a kick ass cover version of Mercyful Fate’s “The Oath” with Michael Denner & Hank Sherman (Mercyful Fate & Force of Evil) playing guest solos. Other guests on this masterpiece are Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Chris Caffery (Savatage) and Frank Aresti (Fates Warning).

Recommended tracks: ALL.