Edward Box

Release date: September 22nd 2006
Lion Music

Provided by: Lion Music

Instrumental Guitar Metal

Rating: 70/100
Cover artwork rating: 50/100

Reviewed by:
The Jack
September 14th 2006

I’d never heard of Edward Box prior to this review but I’ll keep my eyes open for this guy in the future! He’s a talented guitar player in the vein we all like! Mixing those immaculate 80s techniques with more traditional metal riffing. Every now and then he captures the nostalgic part of my brain and I tend to hear Warren Demartini / George Lynch passages in the material….I like it! The best thing about Edward Box is that he doesn’t try to be another Joe Satriani or Steve Vai and he keeps his feet on the ground all the way. That’s a gift being able to do this!  

This is his second solo album after having played with a rather unknown band called Arch Stanton and since I don’t know his other release, called “Plectrumhead”, I can’t really tell if this is better or worse, but one letdown is the production sound of the album. It sounds like a low budget garage production unfortunately, but the quality of the material compensates a long stretch along the way!  

He does sound pretty multifaceted, including many different moods in his songs but overall, as with most instrumental albums there will be a tendency to repeat one self.  

The material, although rather catchy, is nothing out of the ordinary. Having said this, if you’re a guitar-fanatic then go and check this guy out! The typical instrumental thing, mixing blues licks with metal and more exotic flavours!  

Always keeping it listener friendly and that’s a good thing!