Edenbridge – The Great Momentum

In every part of the world and in every industry, there are often hidden treasures. In this case, it’s a band called Edenbridge and they hail from Linz, Austria. They are due to release a new album tomorrow via SPV/Steamhammer Records and it proves that are a strong force not to be messed with.

For those of you unaware of this troupe, here is more information. Edenbridge formed in 1998 in the town of Linz, Austria. Over the past 20 years, they have toured, released albums and have gone through line-ups. They still provide a strong presence with their bold sound.

The album opens on a grand note with the song ‘Shaiantara’. From that moment, the album is presented as a portfolio of material. It contains spellbinding vocals, excellent guitar work, beautiful synth melodies, pounding bass, thunderous drums and majestic orchestral and choral arrangements. Each individual track has something special, no track sounds the same as the last yet somehow they fuse together incredibly well.

Whether it’s the more up tempo tracks such as ‘The Moment Is Now’, ‘Return To Grace’ and ‘The Visitor’ or the slower, power ballads such as ‘Until The Of Time’ and ‘Only A Whiff Of Life’ each song contains power, passion and beauty.

Single ‘The Moment Is Now’ is an empowering track containing sweeping melodies that greatly emphasise the powerful lyrics that are along the lines “It’s never too late, so why do you wait? The moment is now to ignite the fire.” A great track to listen to if you need power and spark to get you back into the spirit.

Only A Whiff Of Life is completely stripped down song that highlights the beautiful vocal work given to us by Sabine Edelsbacher, one of metal’s underrated vocalists in Metal.

The Great Momentum will not only open doors, it will create a global phenomenon. Highly recommended for fans of Nightwish and majestic sounding Symphonic Metal.


01. Shiantara

02. The Die Is Not Cast

03. The Moment Is Now

04. Until The End Of Time

05. The Visitor

06. Return To Grace

07. Only A Whiff Of Life

08. A Turnaround In Art

09. The Greatest Gift Of All

Playing Time: 55:00

Release Date:  17th February 2017

Record Label:  SPV/Steamhammer

Website:  Official Website

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