Echelon – The Brimstone Aggrandizement

The most busy and productive man in the death metal scene is without a doubt by far mr. Rogga Johansson. There isn’t a month without an album he is playing on. Almost every time the music is old school death metal in Entombed/Dismember style. This time however there are perhaps a few Swedish style tunes, but for the biggest part I hear music in Benediction style. ‘Transcend the Rubicon’ is one of my favorite death albums and this album does remind me of good old times. That resemblance isn’t strange if I tell you that besides Rogga another veteran is present. The vocalist is Dave Ingrim former singer in Benediction and nowadays also in Hail of Bullets.

The music has fine dirty riffs and sometimes  science fiction samples are added. The typical singing style of Dave fits perfect and he sounds like still being in the twenties. In several songs there are some Bolt Thrower, Paganizer, Ribspreader and old Carcass influences as well. Sure this band doesn’t serve anything new, but it sounds rather fresh, just because it isn’t the umpteenth old school Entombed clone. This is 80% Benediction poured over with 20% of other death metal influences.

I like it!


01. Plague Of the Altruistic
02. The Forbidden Industry
03. Lex Talionis
04. Of Warlocks and Wolves
05. The Brimstone Aggrandizement
06. Vital Existence
07. The Feared Religion
08. Monsters In the Gene Pole


Playing time: 34:00

Release date: 22 December 2016

Label: Transcending Obscurity



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