Down Among The Dead Men – Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!


Only two years ago, this band started with Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, The Grotesquery, a.o.) and vocalist Dave Ingram (ex- Benediction, Bolt Thrower). Yet another band with Rogga in the line-up and insiders already know what kind of music to expect. This time however, the music isn’t just re-cycled old Swedish D-beating death metal in Dismember, Entombed style, but a bit different. Sure, you hear these influences, but the music is faster and has some punky, crusty influences. It rocks and grooves from start to finish and the songs are very addictive. I would almost call the style Swedish D-beat deathcrust. A kind of Ribspreader on speed.

The 14 short songs are over before you realize it and then you want to start again. The songs are rather simple, but very effective and well written. There are two covers, the fourth track is one of Anvil with guest vocals of Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, Bone Gnawer) and a cover of the Discharge song “Protest And Survive”with Bob Thunder and Donovan Spenceley as guests. The first cover doesn’t really go with the rest of the material in between, it is too slow compared with their own tracks, but the second cover fits perfectly into the style of the other songs.

If a combination of crust/punk and Swedish old school groovy D-beating death metal sounds good to you, give this album a listen.


01. Pyramids Of Mars
02. Warriors Of the Deep
03. The Oncoming Storm
04. The Ambassadors Of Death
05. Forged In Fire (Anvil cover)
06. Arc Of Infinity
07. Death Seed
08. War Machines
09. Unearthly Child
10. Tooth and Claw
11. Armageddon Factor
12. Protest And Survive (Discharge cover)
13. Deadly Assassin
14. Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!

Playing time: 39:00

Release date: 6 November, 2015

Label: Cyclone Empire


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