Warrior Soul

Release date: March 24th 2006
Label: AFM Records
Target (Denmark)
Heavy Metal

Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 26th 2006

I really think that the value of just how much Dorothee "Doro" Pesch has done for female singers in heavy metal is very underrated. She has almost single-handed pawed the way for a lot of female vocalist in metal. Ever since the early days with Warlock and later on with her solo career, she has been an icon on the European metal scene.

Always staying true to herself and her beliefs, she has never been shy of writing very heartfelt lyrics, songs that speak emotions. And the tradition continues with this album, with songs like: "You're my Family", a song dedicated to the true Doro fans, "Haunted Heart", a cool mid-tempo rocker, "Warrior Soul", which also happens to be the title track for the upcoming film "Anuk - Der Weg des Kriegers" in which Doro can be seen in her first acting role. "Thunderspell" is a cool metal hymn, that will surely soon be a fan favorite live, "In Liebe und Freundschaft" is another great ballad in the tradition of "Für Immer", and is my favorite moment on this solid album.

This is pure and simple heavy metal in its purest form, with Doro's raw voice on top. The quality of the songs ranges from solid to good, with the exception "Ungebrochen", which is just 1 minute 37 seconds of horrible punk/hard core sounds (not sure if it's a cover song) - just awful. A good album from Germany's premier female vocalist!

Recommended tracks: "You're my Family", "Strangers Yesterday", "Thunderspell" & "In Liebe und Freundschaft".