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I am not sure why I volunteered to review this album from the Norwegian progressive ensemble Divided Multitude … I wasn’t too pleased with their last album “Feed On Your Misery” and this new album picks off where the last one left us …

I am sorry, but in my humble opinion, this is merely average progressive metal – there is plenty of better and far more interesting and innovative metal on offer out there!

Sure, they are all capable musicians, the production is OK and so on … but I am really not a huge fan of the vocals and the song writing lacks imagination.

Not an album that sits well with me, and it will probably be in everyone’s best interest if I stop now … FULL STOP!


  1. Immortal (7:08)
  2. Closure (5:34)
  3. Only For You (5:50)
  4. Sacrificed (5:38)
  5. Proud (7:40)
  6. Demise (5:19)
  7. Redefined (6:07)
  8. How Many Tears (5:17)
  9. Depth (4:46)
  10. Seal of Faith (9:18)

Playing Time: 62:37

Release date: December 4, 2015

Label: Independent Release

Website: www.facebook.com/DividedMultitude

Kenn Jensen
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