Die Krupps – V – Metal Machine Music


Alright, let me make this perfectly clear: Die Krupps rock big time. However paradoxical that may sound when you talk about a band who are rooted in industrial music, that is the truth.

During the nineties, the German electro rock outfit presented a refreshing take on metal music, including Heathen/Exodus guitarist Lee Altus as part of their line-up. With ‘The Final Option’ (1993), ‘Odessey of the Mind’ (1995) and ‘Paradise Now’ (1997), Jürgen Engler and his sidekicks presented three influential genre classics. And then there was silence.

Two years ago, Die Krupps suddenly reinserted themselves with ‘The Machinists of Joy’, an enjoyable listen by all accounts, although probably not quite as strong as the aforementioned albums. It turns out ‘The Machinists of Joy’ was just the warm up. Jürgen and the boys were just stretching their legs, doing some push-ups, getting ready for the real sprint.

‘Metal Machine Music’ is exactly what the title says. Electro and industrial made by machines, jawohl, but it’s certainly also capital M metal. Guitarist Marcel Zürcher lets the thrash riffs flow out of his hands, whilst former Accu§er skins man Volker Borchert hammers away like there’s no tomorrow. All of this is accompanied by Engler’s characteristic voice and the fury of an army of sequencers that are seemingly being brought to the metal point.

This is by far the hardest Die Krupps album, and it suits the Neue Deutsche Härte pioneers. If you need some convincing, try a tune like Kaos Reigns on Spotify. Hammer song. And it’s not unique for this album.

Great stuff – do try this at home!


  1. Die Verdammten (Prelude)
  2. Kaltes Herz
  3. Battle Extreme
  4. Fly Martyrs Fly
  5. The Truth
  6. Road Rage Warrior
  7. The Vampire Strikes Back
  8. Alive In A Glass Cage
  9. Branded
  10. Kaos Reigns
  11. The Red Line
  12. Bonded By Blood
  13. Volle Kraft Voraus

Playing time: 48 minutes

Release date: 28th of August, 2015

Label: Steamhammer/Oblivion/SPV

Website: http://www.die-krupps.de/

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