Diablus In Musica – Dirge For The Archons

They’ve dubbed themselves as the Spanish masters of Symphonic Metal and judging from the glorious contents of their latest album ‘Dirge For The Archons’ it’s only fair to say that DIABLUS IN MUSICA are right to uphold that claim. There was also a statement saying that their latest addition to their discography will grab the listener’s attention at the first listen. This is proved to be true to and this review will explain why that is.

From the moment you press play on this record, you hear the openers ‘Battle Of Atlantis’ and ‘Earthly Illusions’ which show us power and passion. This continues right through the record; each track has a great fusion of beautiful vocals, grand symphonic elements, thunderous rhythms and majestic riffs. Highlights on this record include ‘Marble Embrace’, ‘Ring Around The Dark Fairies’ Carousel’ and ‘A Speck In The Universe’.

‘Marble Embrace’ showcases a beautiful melody that will swim around in your head for days on end. It also gives a shining example of sirenesque vocals and brutal growls combining together to create something majestic.

‘Ring Around The Dark Fairies’ Carousel’ is a metal fairy tale; it starts off with a childlike melody that reminds one of the beginning of a bedtime story. Alongside the dark elements it brings out a Tim Burton-esque feel to the track.

‘A Speck In The Universe’ is the ballad of the track; it’s beautiful and graceful, it greatly emphasises Zuberoa Aznárez’s impeccable vocal talent. It is the song one can imagine dancing elegantly to as opposed to heavily moshing, it’s a great way to calm down before the heavier tracks kick in again.

It ends of a poignant note with the track ‘Zauria’, marking the end of a stunning record. It also shows us that opposites can truly attract to create something remarkable.


01. Battle of of Atlantis

02. Earthly Illusions

03. Marble Embrace

04. Invisible

05. Crimson Gale

06. Ring Around Dark Fairies’ Carousel

07. A Speck In The Universe

08. Hiding From You

09. The Voice Of Your Dreams

10. The Hawk’s Lament

11. Bane

12. The River Of Loss

13. Zauria

Playing Time:  53:55

Release Date:  18th November 2016

Record Label:  Napalm Records

Website:  http://diabulusinmusica.com/en/

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