Destruction – Under attack

Germany has produced some of the best metal bands over the years from an array of sub genres. Destruction are stars over there and are one of the biggest names in the thrash scene. While many believed that Thrash died in the 90s when Metallica gained mainstream success, Destruction show that in 2016 with the release of their 14th studio album, Under Attack, the sub-genre that has been loved by thousands of angst ridden teens over the years, the flag is still being held high.


Under Attack is fuelled mainly by speed, grittiness as well as an anarchist attitude and although Destruction’s sound may rely on powerful speedy guitar work but it’s nothing like power metal-one of Germany’s biggest metal exploits-it’s not pretty or flashy. Moreover, the band have provided 12 solid tracks on their 14th full-length album; all are filled with the expected spine tingling spider webby guitar solos, vicious vocal work and pounding, machine gun drums. The album starts off with the title track that has the makings of an anthem, with the gigantic chorus and riffs that are powered both by groove and speed. This short but sweet track is definitely one of the album’s highlights.


Under Attack starts off on a high note and continues to go strong. Every song is a showcase of the band’s amazing musicianship from the throwback track, ‘Getting used to the Evil’ which is a masterful blend of melody and thrash riffs-think of the punk elements that were embodied in 80s Anthrax to the wonderous melodies crafted by Megadeth in the 90s-to ‘Pathogenic’ which consists of nothing but mind blowingly fast guitar solos and a solid groove that keeps the track tightly nipped together. Other tracks such as ‘Second to None’ shows off the rebellious side of the band and is fired by pure attitude. The lightning bolt guitar provided by Mike Sifringer really compliments Marcel Schirmer’s bold vocals. He does everything from mean grunts and screeching Rob Halford esque vocals. The band’s cover of ‘Black Metal’ serves Schirmer’s voice justice because it really shows how diverse his pipes are not to mention that he does a pretty good job of imitating Cronos’s vocals on this legendary track.


While this is a really enjoyable album, particularly for the avid thrasher, the problem with the sub-genre is that there’s so many limitations and that doesn’t allow for much diversity in style. Yes Destruction do have elements of punk, grove metal and thrash mixed together during the album, but there’s not much of a range of song structure or lyrics which is fairly disappointing. However, that is really the only query of Under Attack. Ultimately, Destruction have carved a quality album and Under Attack shows why the band are considered part of big 4 in the German metal scene.


Track listing:

  1. Under attack
  2. Generation nevermore
  3. Dethroned
  4. Getting used to the Evil
  5. Pathogenic
  6. Elegant pigs
  7. Second to None
  8. Stand up for what you deliver
  9. Conductor of the void
  10. Stigmatized
  11. Black Metal
  12. Thrash attack

Playing time: 53:00

Release date: 13th May 2016

Record label: Nuclear blast


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