Dendera – Pillars Of Creation


Dendera’s “Pillars of Creation” is definitely an interesting album and I am sure that many fans will enjoy the album. There is, however, something about it that people should be aware of before they invest their hard earned money into this album. There are many epical passages where the singer slows down a lot to forward the narrative element of the songs. I understand that this is something that a lot of fans might appreciate, but I experienced these passages as drag on the energy of the songs, something that made them suffer. The rest of the album is full of energy, roughness, anger and aggression and definitely proof that the band knows what heavy metal is all about, though. Even the singer is capable to shout out his lyrics in typical heavy metal fashion, it is just that he does not pull it through all the time. So please, keep this in mind when you take a look at my rating and feel free to add another 15% if this kind of singing is your thing. You won’t regret it!


01. Claim Our Throne
02. Bloodlust
03. In High Tide
04. Disillusioned
05. The Daylight Ending
06. The Chosen One
07. Unholy
08. Edge Of Tomorrow

Playing time: 47:28

Release date: 22nd June 2015

Label: Metalbox Recordings


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