Time has come (The Best of Demon)

Release date: October 23rd 2006
Spaced Out Music
Target (Denmark)


Rating: 80/100
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Peter Laursen
December 15th 2006

Some of you out there might not be familiar with this British band that are now in their 26th year and have released 11 studio albums and 1 live album. I find it sad that every time I mention Demon my friends always respond with: - Who the Hell are they??

Well, I think I must recommend this album I’m sitting here with, namely “Time has Come – The Best of Demon”, to my friends... a double CD featuring 27 tracks with recordings from every album including 2 remixes from their last album, “Better the Devil you Know”.

We get everything from Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, and Heavy Rock to Melodic Metal with catchy hooks and memorable choruses. Even though the music is melodic and not exactly PURE Metal, Demon never sound wimpy and sappy.

This best of album is a splendid opportunity to get to know this band better and let's hope that Demon will continue to bless us with their releases. And now you have to excuse me… I know that this review is a little incomplete but there is still a few albums by Demon I’m not familiar with, so I have to check them out now.