Made for the Violent Age

Release date: February 17th 2006
Armageddon Music
Target (Denmark)

Style: Germo-thrash

Rating: 80/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
January 23rd 2006

As I’ve mentioned previously on this site, we seem to be in the middle of a late eighties/early nineties thrash revival in the underground. Delirious is part of that revival of the German/Austrian thrash vein.  

The German quintet holds all the good cards on their hands if we really see a major breakthrough of the sound of the golden age of thrash again. They have the technical skills, a voice that is more than decent and varied and a very decent selection of songs.  

With “Made for the Violent Age” Delirious manages to combine the sounds of the olden days with modern sounds of e.g. In Flames or Hatesphere. There is no doubt, however, that the Germano thrash of Kreator, Destruction and Rage (there are obvious Rage inspired bits in the tune “Call Me God”) sets the agenda.  

All that said, the cards most be played well by Delirious if they want to go all the way. Not all songs on the album hit the bull’s-eye. E.g. “Blood Begins to Freeze” sounds like a filler rather than a serious effort, as does the semi-acoustic “My Friends”.  

As a little curiosity, Delirious have included a decent cover of Iron Butterfly’s “In A Gadda Da Vida”. Nice one.