Delain – Lunar Prelude

My introduction to Delain was some years ago as one of the opening acts at the 2010 UK edition of Sonisphere. At that stage, though enjoyable, I wouldn’t really have considered them to be peers with the likes of Within Temptation or Epica, which soon afterwards they became.

The new EP released this week is an almost entirely live release that includes two new songs ‘Suckerpunch’ and ‘Turn the Lights Out’ before a few live performances of songs from their 2014 album, The Human Contradiction. While the prominence of symphonic metal has certainly got bigger, the direction of it doesn’t appear to have changed much. It is a very good taste of symphonic metal but rather than showcase the talents of the band it serves mostly as a great way to indicate what many find so appealing in the genre. The songs are catchy, and the vocal performance is sound. Absolutely sound, but so very, very well balanced and that’s just as important. There is an overwhelming tendency for a lot of live performances in symphonic metal to be far too heavily weighted towards vocals. Often turned up way too loud.

This EP is a good effort that fans of the genre will enjoy, but be warned that there isn’t anything particularly new.

See what you think:

The best move on the EP, however, is to include the orchestral arrangement of Suckerpunch. It’s magnificent. There isn’t anything bad to say about that, it’s just really good to have that to listen to by itself.


1. Suckerpunch

2. Turn the Lights Out

3. Don’t Let Go (Alternative Version)

4. Lullaby (Live 2015)

5. Stardust (Live 2015)

6. Here Come the Vultures (Live 2015)

7. Army of Dolls (Live 2015)

8. Suckerpunch (Orchestral Version)

Playing Time: 35:28

Release Date: 19/2/15

Label: Napalm Records


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