The Stench of Redemption

Release date:  August 21st 2006
Death metal

Rating: 93/100
Cover artwork rating:
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Thomas Nielsen
September 23rd 2006

Sod it, I have to agree with Glen Benton! As much as I’m fed up with his rants about the Hoffmann brothers and how fucked up they are, ‘The Stench of Redemption’ proves him right on the account that new guitarists Owen and Santolla can play the two crackheads’ arses off any time.  

No less brutal than its predecessors, Deicide’s latest offering is much more virtuous and complete than what we’ve seen before from Tampa ’s black sons. After a couple of spins of the CD, I realised that the big difference is the old-school heavy metal quality of the guitar work of the new toxic twins of death metal. Where the Hoffmanns were struggling to accomplish this in mere instances, the heavy metal soli pour from the fingers of these two.

I find it a bit surreal that I write these lines after my last extremely disappointing Deicide experience at the Aalborg Metal Festival last year, but this CD indeed indicates that a page has been turned in the history of Deicide.
Deicide is dead, long live Deicide!  

Recommended: Final track "The Lord’s Sedition" – buy the album, download it, I don’t care, you have to listen to this at some point! Brilliant! Builds up perfectly, beautifully, almost like a Malmsteen piece, and turns into an unrelenting death/grind bastard.