Organic Hallucinosis

Release date: February 13th 2006
Label: Earache Records

Target (Denmark)
Style: Death metal

Rating: 90/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen

January 29th 2006

Now, this is some pretty brutal shit. “Organic Halllucinosis” is 32 minutes of relentless death metal battery from four Polish guys who obviously never considered letting steam out.  

You hear echoes of the technical brutality of Death, Pestilence and Carcass in Decapitated’s work – and add a stint of Napalm Death. Virtuosity mixed with raw force.  

Apparently, the band consists of four very young men, and this is their fourth album already. To me, this sounds like a promising future in the music business in one way or the other.  

Recommended: “Visual Delusion” and “Invisible Control”.