Deathrow – Life Beyond (Reissue)

After being out of print for over twenty years, metal reissue label extraordinaire Divebomb Records have released the sought-after final album of German technical thrash outfit Deathrow in “Life Beyond” (previously reissuing the band’s third album “Deception Ignored”).

The band had their first three albums released on legendary Noise Records in the eighties.  After a period of transition for the band (including guitarist Thomas Priebe being replaced with Uwe Osterlehner), they left the label and joined up with West Virginia Records (run by Andy and Sabina Classen from Holy Moses) for their only release on this label, and fourth and final release for the band.

And now the underground can rejoice as we are treated to a proper re-packaging of the lost album, complete with a full remastering by Jamie King at The Basement Recording.  The reissue includes archival photographs, full lyrics, and a brand new essay by Andrew Westerhouse (of with participation from guitarist Uwe Osterlehner.

Sound-wise, this band fits snugly in with other thrash outfits of the golden-age of European metal, drawing comparisons to such luminaries as Coroner, Destruction, Vendetta and Kreator.  That isn’t bad company to be included in, and although the actual music isn’t as memorable to me as the previously mentioned influences, the band held their own with a musicianship that was considered top-tier in the metal spectrum during this time period.

With a great repackaging and treatment of this hard to find relic, old school metal collectors can breathe a sigh of relief as their wallets won’t take a hit anymore in regard to overpriced auctions and greedy re-selling.  The sound is bright and powerful in its new form, and it will please fans both old and new.



01. Life Beyond
02. Behind Closed Eyes
03. Towers In Darkness
04. Hidden Truth
05. Harlequins Mask
06. Homosapiens Superior
07. Suicide Arena
08. Deathrow
09. Reflected Mind
10. The Remembrance.

Playing time: 39:36

Release date: 10 June, 2016

Label: Divebomb Records

Website: Divebomb Records Deathrow Band Page

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