Dear Delusion – Sleep of Reason


Here on the Power of, the last day of 2015 brings good tidings to those who got stuck in 1993 and never raised their eyes beyond the grunge horizon. Danes Dear Delusion release their second album in a couple of weeks, and it is indeed like stepping into the door that has a big, fat 1991 – 1995 painted all over it, although the sound is technically updated according to the expectations of the 2015 ear.

We seem to have a new wave of new Danish grunge on our hands. What Dear Delusion do isn’t too far away from what is also done by e.g. Celestial Son and The Boy That Got Away, and in that sense, Dear Delusion also tap into what is apparently very popular, I’m tempted to say ‘common’, on the premier rock radio station in this wee country, MyRock.

Indeed, although the four-piece have a definite flair for heavy and grooving rock and the occasional surprise, this is by and large radio-friendly music.

For fans of the genre, this is probably the shit. I’m not quite there.

Track list:
01. Sinfonia
02. Unmade
03. Righteous Man
04. Facing Tensions
05. Scapegoat
06. Producing Monsters
07. Everything is Nothing
08. Coward
09. Sleep of Reason

Playing time: 39 minutes

Release date: 15th of January, 2016

Label: Mighty Music


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