Deadly Circus Fire – The Hydra’s Tailor


When the year comes to an end and the months are less packed with interesting releases, I usually like to check out some releases from the summer and autumn of which I haven’t come across (or simply didn’t have the time to review back when they were released). Deadly Circus Fire’s The Hydra’s Tailor is one of those albums and the proof that it sometimes really pays off to listen to what appears in your news feed – many thanks to Rob from Progressive Music Planet for posting Deadly Circus Fire’s music so I and many others could become aware of these talented guys.

Deadly Circus Fire is a UK based progressive rock/metal band with a clear sound and lyrical concept which is distinctive enough to make for a memorable listen you won’t forget about too soon. But at the same time, The Hydra’s Tailor is a diverse record with different influences and styles which make the album and its songs stand out from other young prog bands. Apart from Deadly Circus Fire’s overall progressive rock/metal style, you’ll hear post-grunge and alternative influences, more technical tracks and also slower, but intense songs.

A big part of this album is Adam Grant’s unique, expressive and wide-ranging vocal performance: He shows his completely clean and soft, slightly raspy and also powerful vocals that reach low as well as high notes. He additionally uses his guttural vocals to bring across criticizing and appealing lyrics, which makes for even more variety.

The musicians definitely prove how skilled and talented they are, as they are able to come up with rather short, intense tracks and likewise slightly longer songs which are even more exciting. You can expect loads of energy, tempo changes and different styles and dynamics mixed into one single piece of music.

What I find so mind-blowing is how Deadly Circus Fire simply never cease to fascinate me with any song on this album. The intro “In Darkness We Trust” is calm, yet so intense thanks to those fascinating vocals; “Devil’s Opera” is particularly special to me because of the song’s message against domestic violence and the mid-paced “Where It Lies”, which also contains an extended instrumental part (Audible bass! Yes!), the phenomenal “House Of Plagues” or the final track “Universe” are other well-made and touching tracks, and these are only examples – samples of an album I’ve truly fallen in love with.

Deadly Circus Fire is an innovative band that brings across a certain political and social message. It is definitely one of those bands of which many more people should know about, as they have put out a beautifully written and skillfully executed full-length – It’s simply heart-warming to hear such great talent.

I do believe that this could be the next story of success in progressive music. You should check out this album right now if you have never heard of this absolutely stunning band before, as Deadly Circus Fire are stellar at what they are doing and have created one of the best albums of 2015.


01. In Darkness We Trust (2:32)
02. Animal (4:25)
03. Where It Lies (6:44)
04. Victim (6:02)
05. Devil’s Opera (3:49)
06. Rise Again (7:31)
07. Martyrs (1:46)
08. House Of Plagues (6:44)
09. Aeden (5:20)
10. The Hydra’s Tailor (3:59)
11. Turning The Tide (6:07)
12. Universe (7:43)

Playing time: 62:42

Release date: 16th June, 2015

Label: Musicarchy Media


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